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What are operating systems?
An operating system is a software interface between you and your computer’s hardware. It manages the hardware found in the computer instead of having the programs handling the hardware. That means the CPU, RAM, GPU, and hard disc are only usable by the operating system. The level of protection of system resources is usually determined by protection rings. Protection rings are a model used to explain the various levels of security of an operating system and what each level can access. For example, Microsoft Windows is a 3 level system of security. Level 0 has access to…

What’s up guys, this is gamesational and in this video i’m going to teach you all of html and css. That includes all tags and attributes of html and all css properties and their possible values.
Tags are text sections that create HTML elements. Some tags contain content such as <div> and <p> while others do not such as <br>. I will be going over each of these tags in detail by explaining what they do and how they can be used.This knowledge is essential for creating webpages from scratch. Many people will create wordpress websites or use website builders like…

Oh, how technology has advanced! AI’s are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day. A few months ago, GPT-3 was released and is making waves in the Artificial Intelligence community. GPT-3 Is an autoregressive language model that can be used to create near human-like text. GPT-n series was created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory.


The Japanese animated film is now in its 20th year and it’s only getting better. Not to mention the return of the fans “favorites, who promise new shows and films, as well as a whole range of new anime and…

Dr. Stone is a mesmerizing anime the captivates us by showcasing the full potential of humanity. It entices us with scientific wonders and attempts to cram two million years of human ingenuity into one awesome show. It is impractical for one person to retain as much knowledge as Senku does. Which is why some people say this.

Senku is a brainiac who wishes to rebuild society to its previous level of technology before everyone was turned to stone. He is obsessed with technology and has a very thorough understanding of scientific concepts. He knows what the situation demands and is…

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