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The Ideological Divide Between Senku Ishigami and Tsukasa Shishio

Dr. Stone is a mesmerizing anime the captivates us by showcasing the full potential of humanity. It entices us with scientific wonders and attempts to cram two million years of human ingenuity into one awesome show. It is impractical for one person to retain as much knowledge as Senku does. Which is why some people say this.

Senku is a brainiac who wishes to rebuild society to its previous level of technology before everyone was turned to stone. He is obsessed with technology and has a very thorough understanding of scientific concepts. He knows what the situation demands and is able to resolve it using intuition. Senku gawks at the idea of having the opportunity to rebuild society. Senku used his skills to create various items such as gunpowder, iron, gears, radios, sulfa drugs, and many others. In a world of stone, Senku strives to use technology to level the playing field and create a technologically advanced civilization for all.

Tsukasa is different from Senku. He believes that if society develops science and technology then wars, capitalist exploitation, social stratification, inequality, overpopulation and everything nasty about the modern world will be repeated. He is what we call an anarcho-primitivist. An anarcho-primitivist is someone who rejects the advancement of technology and chooses to live in the moment rather than ponder about complicated ideas such as happiness, technology, and other things. They choose a simple existence over our noise polluted and mentally ill one. Tsukasa officially declared his distrust of technology when he tried collecting shells. A long time ago when Tsukasa was collecting seashells as a kid he was beaten by a drunk man who said that this is private property and he owned all the shells. This event likely caused Tsukasa to adopt this ideology.

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